Orca Simulator Android APK Free

Download Orca Simulator.apk game for Free

Dive into the Arctic Ocean ANd live life as an Orca! Survive during a huge underwater world stuffed with large whales and dangerous predators! Raise your family, hunt together with your pod, and battle for your life against aquatic predators just like the Carcharodon carcharias, Narwhal, and therefore the Kraken!

REALISTIC simulator

You’ll need to keep up your health, hunger, oxygen, and energy if you are going to survive within the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean!


Use your swift speed and powerful bite to search out and fight deadly sharks, whales, and dolphins! Deliver the killing blow by combining your Dash and Bite attacks!

ECHOLOCATION based mostly radio detection and ranging

Use your locating to reveal the situation of close animals. Follow the realtime surveyor to simply search out the closest prey!


Find another killer whale|dolphin} to bond with and lift your terribly own pod of Killer Whales! Breed orca calves and watch them grow in size and strength whereas they assist you survive within the ocean!


Gain expertise by fighting dangerous predators, uptake fish, finishing missions, and defeating bosses! Level up your orcas to extend their health and attack harm, unlock new killer colours, and gain new powers like Death Grab!

Game is fully cracked with all the original features! – Download page


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