Game of Quotes APK [Free]

Download Game of Quotes android game for Free

Game of Quotes is the most useful app in the world. It assigns quotes to false authors. Quotations correct, is what for boring – wrong assign is the new right assign!

In the generator you will see wrong combinations of quotation and author. You can wipe them right, if you find them funny or left, if you do not find them funny.

Combinations that you find particularly funny, you can drag down into your list and save it there.

In the game mode you are looking for quotes and send them to your friends. They are looking for a wrong creator and send you a quote. Together, you try to play against the Witz-O-Meter for as long as possible, which will pester you mercilessly when your humor falls below zero.

By the way: Yes, the app costs money, because your development cost money and work, but you get: The complete app! No advertising! No in-app purchases! No data transfer to your health insurance!

Free Download:


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